WP1 – Geopolitical Analysis and the Cyber Interdependences among Countries

  • Routing Cartography: Trace an accurate view of the physical and logical network connections between Countries, based on known and novel techniques to infer inter-domain routing policies. Accumulate routing data from several sources (RouteViews, RIPEstat, public route servers and Cineca’s infrastructure) and develop new inferring techniques aimed at extracting various information from BGP routing updates. Leverage machine learning techniques in order to discover peering relationships between ASs. In this way, it will be possible to build a dynamic and always updated dataset that will be then used in the Visual Fusion.
  • Geopolitical Analysis: This activity will build the geopolitical basis of the project. By reviewing the literature on geopolitics, geostrategy and cyberspace conflicts, we will study power relationships among different Countries, how they influence the geopolitics and how they impact on the network infrastructure and inter-domain routing. Geopolitical relationships between Member States and foreign countries will be analyzed and classified following a precise taxonomy.
  • Visual Fusion: Combine the outputs of Routing Cartography and Geopolitical Analysis above, in order to obtain an “enriched” routing cartography software, that takes into account both the cyber interconnections and the geopolitical aspects. The latter will allow to visualize the connectivity properties of the critical Internet infrastructure, the inter-domain routing data and the geopolitical information. The enriched routing cartography will allow to visually identify sources of possible attacks to the critical Internet infrastructure (i.e., highlighting critical paths or tentative BGP hijackings), playing the role of a inter-domain routing dashboard.
Expected Results:
  • Improved situation awareness about the links between geopolitics and the critical Internet infrastructure:  The visual fusion techniques that we will develop will allow to individuate probable points of attacks to critical WANs, taking into account both the cyber dimension and the geopolitical aspects.
  • Enriched Routing Cartography (June 2015)

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