WP3 – Impact on Cyber Strategies

  • Development of a Decision Support System (DSS): Using as a starting point our novel geopolitics-aware cyber cartography (cf. WP 1), and the risk assessment of the main routing protocols (cf. WP2), we will implement an interactive, real-time software-based system intended to help the development of strategies to reach a specific target, by using a combination of raw data and information on the geopolitical context.
  • Best Practices to Counter Cyber Threats: Draw a set of guidelines for the development of a more conscious cyber strategy. Such guidelines will make all Countries aware of the most critical routing points, the most devious cyber threats, and the best action to accomplish in order to enhance the resiliency of the critical Internet infrastructure.
  • Case Study: The case study of Albany. We will show how our guidelines on cyber strategies could be applied in a concrete case, namely the case of a non-member State (in the specific case of Albany –  a potential EU candidate country) joining the EU. In particular, we will show how the candidate EU country could use our set of best practices, and our decision support tool to boost the development of its critical Internet infrastructure, improving its resiliency to the main cyber threats, and proving its compliance with the EU level of security.
Expected Results:
  • Improved Support to the Definition of Cyber Strategies: a set of guidelines for the development of a more conscious cyber strategy that takes into account geopolitics and Internet infrastructure.
  • Decision Support System Software (December 2015)
  • White Book (June 2016)

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