WP4 – Dissemination and Exploitation

  • Design of the Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy: This activity will entail analyzing the available dissemination channels (WEB sites, public events, specialized and generic magazines, ad-hoc newsletters…) in order to select the most appropriate ones; For each identified channel, a proper dissemination plan will be devised. A detailed awarness-raising campaign will be planned. The advisory board, composed by several experts belonging to the target groups, will be established in this phase.
  • Deployment of Dissemination and Exploitation Campaign: As a result of the previous activity, a clear dissemination and exploitation plan will be produced. This will contain an awareness-raising campaign, and a detailed description of the activities each partner is required to perform. All the performed activities will be reported to the coordinator, so that these can be monitored and reported to the Commission. A specific logo, a web site, and a set of brochures will be prepared, as well as clear presentations and project summaries, to be distributed to all partners.
Expected Results:
  • First Year Conference: the first year conference will be held in Italy at the end of the first year of work. Between 150 and 200 experts will be invited. (June 2015)
  • Final Conference: The final conference will be held in Italy or France. Between 150 and 200 experts will be invited. (June 2016)
  • Website (August 2014)
  • Research Conference and Journal Publications

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