Consorzio interuniversitario per la gestione del centro di calcolo elettronico dell’Italia Nord-orientale

Cineca is an institution with a vast network infrastructure, managing ISP POPs both at the local and international level. With over 20 years of expertise in the ICT field, Cineca is the ownership of one of the major network data centers of central Italy, offering housing to one of the Italian Internet Exchange Points (NaMeX), a wide range of national and international ISP POPs (Google, Telecom Italia, Level 3, Cogent, Tata Communications, etc.), services and network links of major Public bodies like Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities – MiBAC, General State Advocacy and Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR.



Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS), Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”.

The Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS Sapienza) is a multidisciplinary center that performs top-notch research in the field of cyber security. CIS Sapienza includes a team of scientists leading innovative research on the protection of Critical Infrastructures against cyber threats. CIS Sapienza is part of a cooperation agreement, operative since July 7th 2011, between the Italian Intelligence System for the Security of the Republic and the University of Rome La Sapienza.


Université de Savoie

Université de Savoie hosts a group of experts on information fusion methodologies. The Laboratoire d’Informatique, Systèmes, Traitement de l’Information et de la Connaissance (LISTIC), part of the Polytech Annecy-Chambéry of the University of Savoie, features a team of scientists leading innovative research on information fusion systems and knowledge engineering.



In collaboration with
rash-logo Albanian Academic Network

Established for the first time in Albania, the Albanian Academic Network, will connect the higher education institutions to the scientific research institutes and to the Transfer Technology Center. Among other objectives, the project will contribute towards strengthening and boosting management capacities of the Albanian public higher education and of the research institutions

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